Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yard Pics, August 2007

My eldest daughter stopped up today and took some pictures of the yard for me. Yay!

The impatiens I overwintered as house
plants now surround the base of the big maple

My creative effort of bathroom sink
and vanity chair planters :)

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory
My daughter thought this one looked
like it had a glowing star in the center

Water Lily

Gloriosa Daisy

Last of the Baby Blue Eyes (thanks Kim!)


Ponds & bog
(veg garden in the distance-
look how tall that corn is!)

shade bed

Front flower bed

Front arbor bed.
My youngest daughter chose
the fab color : Florida Bay Blue.
Everyone loves it!

Even though it's winding down now, I still love how everything looks this year. Thanks so much to Sissy, Kim and Don for making it look so fab! Without you guys sending me seeds, well, it certainly wouldn't have looked anything like this!

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