Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm A Seed Snatcher

Is there a 12 step program for that?

Ok, so I guess I don't deserve a badge. It's not like I snatch from places I'm not suppose to. For instance, I would never think about just going into someone's yard and grabbing seed without asking, or from a public or botanical garden.

But, ditches, meadows, neglected pots at gas stations, mall strips? Mine! Just a few, mind you, and enough left to let fall where they may.

I think this seed saving thing is an addiction of some sort. Like, I'm not happy unless there are fifty plates sitting around the house covered with drying seed. There's something very primeval about running a fingertip through those little balls and sticks.

Alright, I'm really not even close to being in the big leagues with some people...it's not like I have a closet or fridge filled with boxes and file cabinets full. My plastic food containers are actually used for, well, food! I know, I know, I'm such a slacker!

My husband seems to be appalled, and yet, at the same time intrigued with this behavior. Kind of a, "You go girl...as long as they don't think I know you." lol.

I'm on a mission at the moment. The gas station has these beautiful (and of course neglected) red daylily. Yeah, i know they probably won't come true, but...

must have!

One of these days I'll get up the nerve to ask someone at the college if I can have some seed from Root Glen public gardens. Now that would be hitting the motherload!



OldRoses said...

Me too! Me too! I stole seeds from lilies that bordered the patio of a restaurant where I was eating. My dinner companion was mortified.

My kitchen is in full seedsaving mode. I have seeds drying on top of my fridge, toaster oven (removed when in use!), microwave oven and countertop.

So how would those 12 Step programs work? My name is OldRoses and I'm a seedsaver?

Tina said...

Oh, OldRoses...I could just picture you jumping up in your chair when you typed, "Me too!" lol.

Your dinner companion should have helped you! What were they thinking?

I swear, it has got to be some airborne disease we're breathing in. There's lots of us...we'll take over the world, muaahahaha!

Ok, I think you've got step 1 down, but I'm still in the denial stage. I don't have a seed saving problem. Honest. Really, I don't! I must go stash those plates of seed away from accusing eyes before they wake up.

Nope, I do not have a problem...