Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Getting Jittery

Well, shoot!
Every other zone 5-er seems so far ahead of us this year. Heck, I'm still WSing! Thank goodness, because I think every container rotted in this awful weather.

We seem to be stuck in some localized long-gimme-a-break-drawn-out-forever-it's-never-going-away winter. There's still snow on the ground :(

The peonies are barely jutting from the ground and finally (yes!) saw some daffodil blooms. The tulips are pretty much still sitting in limbo...they know it ain't quite over yet. Smart boogers!

Sunday, we got peas, broccoli, onion and cabbage planted - wet soil be darned.
The poor koi are still sitting in 40 degree water :( Grrr. And we expect another freeze tonight.

My clematis' have itty-bitty green leaf tips showing. I hope they'll be ok. Hostas are still nowhere to be seen. Poppies got up about 3 inches and stalled - maybe they know something.

But, of course, that freaking chocolate mint and its bishop weed buddies have sure made an appearance! How stupid was I?!

Here's hoping next weekend will bring us some better weather, because the forecast until at least that far ahead looks like total crap.


Angie said...

I am just coming out of the winter weather and feel your pain. I had a lot of winter sowing rot also and was so bummed. I am hoping that maybe some of the seeds didn't already sprout and not that we have decent temps they will go ahead and sprout now. I gotta be optimistic about it (or scream!).

Tina said...

thanks so much for dropping by! I know what you mean about the scream.
I still haven't even seen a hint of a sprout in most of my containers, but, like you, I'm still hoping (with fingers and toes crossed).