Thursday, November 30, 2006

Red Delight

I was upset that we didn't have cranberries for Thanksgiving. They were an extra that just couldn't be worked into the meal budget and the kids voted candied carrots over cranberry sauce. So I started thinking. (Yeah, uh-oh!)

Why can't I just grow my own? Ok, so it may be years before we'll get a harvest, but they are a native and grow wild, so why not? And that started a river of research.

Really, they aren't that mysterious of a plant. They do require certain growing conditions, but they are all easily met; the main being a PH of 6 or lower. They're light on disease and pest problems, and can even be grown in partial shade. (I don't think I'd try it though. I have plenty of full sun). If given the right conditions, a vine can last indefinitely. Winter protection can be rigged. Heck, according to Grow Your Own Magazine, you can even grow them in hanging baskets.

What would be better than walking out in your yard and picking some red delight right from your own vine?, where to get some cuttings? It isn't like they're your basic sell at a big box, much less a garden center or nursery. If I'm a lucky duck, people will find them an interesting and easy to grow plant that'll become the next 'all-the-rage/gotta-have' item.

I thought the edge of the bog would be an ideal place (though I knew they didn't actually grow in water, I knew they had high moisture requirements) since it would provide all the moist soil their little roots could want. We already have the sand and winter flooding wouldn't be a problem.

If the bog idea didn't work out, there's always the creek.

Unfortunately for D, this is sounding more and more like it might actually be do-able. Poor guy.


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Hmm... I got nothin' for ya on this one. I have scoured the fruit aisles of many a crazy garden center and have only seen cranberry plants for sale via mail order. Let us all know where you find one, if you do!

sewobsessed said...

If I do, it'll be a miracle. lol. But I'll let you know.