Thursday, October 19, 2006

Data and more data

I decided a while ago to look around for some data on what will WS well and what won't in my zone. Ooo, might have been a mistake, but I am definitly now 'in the know'. Information overload! I'll still be doing a lot of experimenting of my own along the way, but I found an excellent database of just that very topic. I figured, "Hey, if it'll WS in zone 0, I shouldn't have a prob in zone 5, eh?"
I now have a nice little hand written booklet of what and when sitting on my desk awaiting winter thanks to this:

It still doesn't mean my kids don't think I'm nuts, but hubster seems to be getting a bit more interested as time goes we need another hobby...

Though the database doesn't list this, interestingly enough, the times for putting certain seeds out correlates pretty well with most of our birthdays! Guess it'll be a very good thing that it won't be hard to remember.

In case everyone just reading about Winter Sowing for the first time actually does think I'm nuts, this is the best site ever to learn about it:

So go ahead and get your free seeds from Trudi and give it a try! What have you got to lose?

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